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A Real Playlist Curator Explain How To Promote Your Song With More Efficiency - Andrea Torrisi Curator Of The Month

Jan 16, 2024

First of all, we want to congratulate one of our curators, Andrea Torrisi, for being the Curator of the Month for On the occasion of his victory, we gave him the premium service package, for his dedication and commitment inside the platform.

Also wanted to ask him some questions about his experience and what it feels like to be a curator on In particular, how does it feel to be the Curator of the Month!

Who Is Andrea?

Andrea is a singer-songwriter registered with SIAE (the main entity responsible for the protection, intermediation, and management of copyright in Italy). He has released some of his music on Spotify, but soon he understood the importance of playlists and how powerful they can be for music promotion.

I understood that playlists were a big way to get noticed and provided some help. I started with a few playlists and created various ones - Andrea Torrisi
Andrea Torrisi On

Curation Activity

Andrea owns several collections of different genres. He mainly focuses on Pop Music but also includes dance, hip-hop music and neomelodic italian music.

I don't have a specific genre. In my playlists, I use to include emerging, but also mainstream artists. You need to create balance mix in order to get people who listen to your playlist. - Andrea Torrisi

In his playlists, you can find both emerging and mainstream artists to create a balance and increase the chances of people listening to them! This is very positive for the user.

Not every person wants to discover new music every day and listen to new emerging artists each time. Having a playlist with both emerging and mainstream artists helps discover new music while also enjoying familiar tunes.

With this balance, people are more likely to keep listening the playlists and to save them. - Andrea Torrisi

Andrea is open to submission by everyone on! Submit now your song!

Relationship With Artists

Andrea contact the artists directly on social media to give them the happy news and often they stay in touch for future releases. When it comes to choose which songs and artists will be included in his collections, he has shared a very important revelation!

Artists, listen to what he says!

When I have to choose songs to be included, many times it also depends on how the artist presents themselves. An artist without a biography, without links to social pages, or even with empty pages without any details about their personality, gives me the impression of being an inactive artist. I feel that accepting submissions from these users is a missed opportunity for those who demonstrate talent and actively engage with their community. - Andrea Torrisi

As Andrea confirms, not having any posts on our social profiles or lacking a biography on streaming platforms is a point in favor of self-elimination, even if you are the most talented person in the world!

Let's Say: You have to choose between two restaurant for having a good meal. One of them is full of reviews: some are goods, some are bad, but the place looks very good. The second restaurant doesn't have any photo, any reviews or any info. Let's be honest. Where would you go?

Having detailed pages that showcase our personality not only influences the listener's impression, but also that of those who want to give us an opportunity to promote our music.

Keep your social profiles updated and remember to interact with the community. Many streams on Spotify won't lead anywhere if you don't present yourself in the right way!

Keep Your Bio Updated!! Profile in the picture: Nothing But Thieves

Final Thoughts

Matchfy is an organic music promotion platform, used by real artists, real curators, real PEOPLE, with the desire to promote music and to get their art known on the entire world. Matchfy's Target is to create a community full of people really appassionate of music, which understand each other and help each other. Thanks to their users, and to people who use the platform daily such as Andrea, we are getting closer to the target! Want to be the next?