Mamacita, owned by Andrea Pellizzari, has been awarded Curator Of The Month

May 30, 2024

We are pleased to announce that Mamacita, owned by Andrea Pellizzari, is the Curator of the Month! As a reward for his dedication and commitment, we have decided to award him with a music promotion.

Who is Andrea Pellizzari?

Andrea Pellizzari is a cornerstone of the Italian music scene. His career began at a very young age, starting directly in the entertainment world: from radio to DJing in clubs, and even television with "Le Iene."

His vast and diverse experience has allowed him to acquire a unique set of skills, culminating in 2015 with the founding of several record labels, including Villahangar, Milano Records, and Milf Records.

His Journey

Andrea Pellizzari's versatility is reflected in his numerous activities.

Since 2013, he has been an integral part of Mamacita, the format that brought Reggaeton to Italian clubs.

His work is not limited to managing the label: Pellizzari personally curates Mamacita's playlists on Spotify, including the main one, followed by over 40,000 followers, featuring the latest hip hop and reggaeton hits. Other playlists curated for Mamacita include "Radioshow" (aired on Radio 105), "Trap Pop", "Flow", "Dembow" and the recently launched "Latin Dance," which reflects the growing trend of Latin music leaning towards dance.

His Relationship with Playlists

In addition to curating Mamacita, Andrea Pellizzari collaborates with various labels that in turn have numerous playlists. Villahangar, one of his labels, features three main playlists: "Afro House," with 5,000 followers, curated by Chris Leon, a talented DJ and producer, and "Zona DeFrontera," a chillout playlist curated by Enzo Cipollata, a renowned DJ from Naples.

How does a DJ Engage with Playlists?

Andrea Pellizzari describes the techniques he uses to stay updated on music trends:

His strategy includes using various platforms to discover new trends, often drawing inspiration from Instagram videos or SoundCloud tracks.

He prefers using "traditional" tools for music promotion, such as Spotify or SoundCloud, because, in his opinion, playlist audiences need time to appreciate and familiarize themselves with tracks—a process that requires careful and curated selection, which might be compromised by relying solely on social media.

Andrea's Advice on Music Promotion

Andrea views playlists as proper brands, comparing them to meticulously prepared DJ sets. He emphasizes the importance of a balanced update frequency, where it's not so much about novelty, but the consistency and quality of the music selection.

Final Thoughts

Andrea Pellizzari exemplifies the evolution of the role of DJ and music curator. His ability to adapt and innovate, combined with extensive industry experience, makes him a reference point for anyone looking to understand the dynamics of modern music promotion. His philosophy of viewing playlists as brands to be curated with the same dedication as a DJ set offers a valuable lesson on how to maintain audience attention and loyalty in an ever-evolving music market.

Want to be our next curator of the month?

Every month, the best curator on Matchfy will receive a generous reward for their excellent work: €200 sent directly to their PayPal or over €1000 in music services from us! Anyone can become Curator of the Month. All you need to do is keep engaging with users and the platform!

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