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This Curator has been awarded by Matchfy - MusicaTok is Curator of the Month

Apr 29, 2024

In the world of digital music, the role of playlist curator is assuming increasing importance. One of these curators, who has chosen to use the music promotion platform Matchfy, is MusicaTok, who has distinguished himself especially for his dedication and expertise in the field. We had the opportunity to interview MusicaTok and delve deeper into his experience to better understand his work in the world of music and playlists.

Who's MusicaTok?

He has cultivated his passion for music since a young age, growing up in a family where music was  constantly present.

Thanks to this background, he learned to play drums and guitar, finding in music a refuge from the difficulties of daily life. This deep connection with music led him to explore the world of playlists and to become interested in the role of curator.

With enthusiasm, MusicaTok recounts how he immediately immersed himself in creating his first playlists after discovering Matchfy through a YouTube video. What began as a simple pastime quickly turned into a passion that drove him to dedicate more and more time to work on the platform. The possibility of receiving compensation for his work as a curator on Matchfy further fueled his commitment, especially considering the awards and services offered to the best curator of the month.

How does he work?

Determined to combine his experience as an artist with the role of curator, MusicaTok found a new way to express his passion for music. When it comes to selecting tracks to include in his playlists, MusicaTok adopts a careful and thorough approach: each song is carefully analyzed before being included, ensuring accurate and high-quality selection.

His attention to detail and commitment to providing valuable musical content are reflected in his playlists, dedicating himself to creating not only playlists that follow trends, but also his own playlists that he genuinely listens to.

Matchfy and MusicaTok

Recognition for his work came in the form of the "Curator of the Month" award from Matchfy. As an artist, MusicaTok has chosen to distribute his next track with Clockbeats, a recording studio with which we collaborate. Additionally, his track will receive promotion from Matchfy.

In conclusion, MusicaTok's experience is an example of passion and commitment, which is what Matchfy seeks in its curators to achieve organic promotion of the tracks submitted by artists every day and to continuously improve our work and our platform.

If you're interested in learning more about Matchfy and becoming a playlist curator yourself, we will offer you a generous reward that can be either €200 in cash or free services for a whole year, worth over €1000!