How to Promote your music on Spotify, TikTok and Youtube all at once

Jul 1, 2024

In the crowded music industry, standing out requires strategic promotion. In order to do this, promoting only on Spotify isn't enough! You need to be everywhere in order to reach more people and new fans!

There's why at Matchfy's we've created a complete promotion pack!

Matchfy’s VIP Promotion Plan offers a comprehensive solution to enhance your music's visibility and engagement across key platforms: Spotify, TikTok, YouTube and much more!

How does it work?

Matchfy’s VIP Promotion Plan uses the power of targeted marketing across multiple channels to maximize your music’s reach. Thanks to this plan you’ll be able to promote your music on different platforms such as Spotify, TikTok and Youtube.

Spotify Playlists: Your tracks are pitched to curated Spotify playlists, increasing the likelihood of being featured in high-traffic lists. This boosts streams and follower growth, essential for building a fanbase.

TikTok Advertising: Customized ads on TikTok target your specific audience demographics. This platform is vital for viral potential, allowing your music to reach millions through engaging, short-form video content.

In this period, it's really important to use this kind of platforms in order to reach a wider audience, many artists increased their visibility and reach the peak of their career thanks to this algorithm, such as Doja Cat and Lil Nas X.

YouTube Advertising: Promoting your music videos on YouTube enhances your visual presence, attracting more views and subscribers. It’s a key platform for engaging fans with in-depth content.

But there’s more!

We developed a new feature called TikTok talents, thanks to which you can have an analysis of your song and the selection of the most suitable influencers to promote your music, creation of engaging videos by influencers using your sound, and an increased chance of going viral on TikTok.

The VIP Plan also offers you personalized campaigns and tailored Strategies: Each promotion campaign is designed based on your music style, target audience, and specific goals. This personalization ensures that your promotion efforts are highly effective.

Thanks to this kind of plan you will have many benefits, such as:

Increased Visibility by promoting your music on multiple high-traffic platforms, you exponentially increase your potential reach.

Enhanced Engagement: to increase the interaction rates with your audience, converting casual listeners into dedicated fans.

Cost-Effective: The VIP Promotion Plan offers double the promotional impact without any additional cost, providing excellent value for your investment.

What does the Vip Plan allow you to do?

Through this Plan, our platform gives you the opportunity to promote your music on different platforms: first of all on Spotify, including you track in playlists that match your style and genre, getting your music discovered by new fans and an algorithm boost that can lead your tracks to more organic plays.

Then on TikTok you can take advantage of the platform’s viral nature, leverage TikTok’s format to create fun and engaging content that highlights your music and get targeted ads that are shown to users who are most likely to enjoy your music, maximizing engagement.

Vip Plan 

Also you can get Youtube Advertising thanks to video promotion, establishing a strong visual brand presence that complements your audio releases and gain more subscribers to your channel, creating a loyal fanbase that receives regular updates on your new releases.

Recently we've added two sick promotion type: Instagram for your reels and posts and podcasts promotion!

Why Try VIP Promotion?

In an industry where over 100,000 tracks are released daily only on Spotify, standing out is essential.

Matchfy’s VIP Promotion Plan offers a holistic approach that ensures your music not only reaches a wider audience but also engages them effectively.

By combining Spotify playlist placements, TikTok ads, and YouTube promotion, your music is given the best chance to succeed.

Ready to elevate your music career?

Try Matchfy’s VIP Promotion Plan and watch your music soar to new heights. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to double your results at no extra cost. Visit Matchfy VIP to learn more and get started today!