Elevate your music experience: Let's explore the artist's playlists on Spotify

Apr 18, 2023

As we have already observed, Spotify playlists are an excellent opportunity to promote your music, increase visibility, and get more plays. But that's not all! To build a solid fan base, these factors are not enough. It is essential to share your experience and connect with your listeners. In this article, we will discuss how to strengthen your artistic image and brand using a simple playlist. Read on until the end, as you will find some useful tips on how to make your name appear on top of the world!

We are talking about what Spotify calls the 'Artist's Playlist'.

But what is the artist's playlist? It is the artist's personal collection, and we can find them at the bottom of their profile, next to their biography.

These are official playlists created and curated by artists or their team, which include their favorite and most popular songs. Artist's playlists may also feature songs from other musicians that represent the artist's musical influences. They also affect the 'fans also like' section.

They are an excellent promotion tool as they are accessible to all Spotify users and can be found on the artist's page on the platform. Artist's playlists can also be shared on social media or embedded in other marketing campaigns. They also prove to be useful for fans who want to listen to the artist's favorite songs or discover their musical variety.

In general, if you are an artist, these playlists are an effective way to promote and showcase your music on Spotify. They serve as a promotional tool because, in addition to increasing visibility and reaching a wider audience, they allow you to tell your story and create a closer connection with fans through musical storytelling.

How to create the artist's playlist

Now let's see how you too can create your own personal soundtrack to share with everyone.

Step 1: Create the playlist

First, create the playlist normally on your personal Spotify profile. Once created, make it public.

Step 2: Add the playlist to Spotify for Artists

On web browser:

  • Login to artists.spotify.com with your credentials
  • Go to Profile
  • Click the pencil icon next to Artist's Playlist
  • Search for the playlist or paste a Spotify link

On mobile app:

  • Log in to the Spotify For Artists mobile app
  • Tap the profile icon at the bottom right
  • Tap EDIT next to Artist's Playlist
  • Tap + Add Playlist
  • Search for the playlist or paste a Spotify link

Final bonus: Tips for a successful playlist

Before concluding the article, I would like to give you some advice on how to create an efficient playlist.

  • Give the playlist a catchy and recognizable title, so that users can easily find your playlist in the search bar.
  • Keep your playlist updated with your new releases, so that fans are always aware of the latest news.
  • Arrange the songs strategically: The arrangement of the songs is very important. Start the playlist with the most listened to and recognizable songs to attract the attention of listeners.
  • Choose the songs that you like the most and that you consider the most representative.
  • Add songs from better-known artists who are similar to you to improve the algorithm and to ensure that more people find you.
  • Add a catchy and recognizable artwork that can be recognized from a distance!

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