Welcome Matchfy.io 2.0 😍

Feb 23, 2024

Matchfy.io, the popular platform that connects artists with curators for music promotion, has rolled out its much-anticipated version 2.0. This update introduces a suite of new features designed to enhance the user experience, broaden the scope of match possibilities, and improve the overall performance of the app. Here's a detailed look at what's new in Matchfy.io 2.0:

1. Expansion to TikTok and Magazines for Agency Plans

A standout feature in this update is the expansion of matching capabilities to include TikTok and magazines, exclusively available to users on agency plans. This development is a significant leap forward, acknowledging the growing importance of diverse media platforms in music promotion. Artists and agencies can now connect with curators not only on traditional music platforms but also on popular social media like TikTok and influential magazines, widening their reach and enhancing their promotional efforts.

2. Language Settings for Internal Email Communications

Matchfy.io 2.0 introduces a highly requested feature: the ability to select a language for all internal email communications within the Settings section. This improvement caters to the global user base of Matchfy.io, ensuring that users can navigate, communicate, and receive information in their preferred language. It's a step towards creating a more user-friendly and inclusive platform for artists and curators worldwide.

3. Enhanced Matching Algorithm and App Performance

The new version boasts an improved matching algorithm, making the app faster, more responsive, and capable of supporting a larger number of artists and curators. The enhanced performance ensures that users experience seamless navigation and quicker matches, facilitating more efficient connections between artists and curators. This optimization is crucial for handling the platform's growing user base and the increased volume of data from expanding to new media platforms.

4. Profile Section Updates for TikTok and Magazine Integration

In the Profile section, users now have the option to request the addition of their magazine or TikTok profile to the matching pool. Approval for these requests is streamlined, requiring users to simply click on "Publish Profile" to submit their application directly to the Matchfy.io office. Once approved, users can start receiving requests for TikTok collaborations or magazine features, opening up new avenues for promotion and exposure.

5. New Interface and Logo

Matchfy.io 2.0 comes with a fresh look, featuring a redesigned interface and a new logo. The updated aesthetic reflects the platform's evolution and its commitment to staying current and user-friendly. The new design enhances the overall user experience, making navigation smoother and more intuitive, while the new logo symbolizes the innovative and forward-thinking vision of Matchfy.io.

In conclusion, Matchfy.io 2.0 is set to revolutionize the way artists and curators connect, offering enhanced features, broader matching capabilities, and a more user-friendly experience. With its expansion to TikTok and magazines, improved matching algorithm, and fresh new look, Matchfy.io continues to lead the way in music promotion, catering to the needs of its diverse and expanding user base.