How did we help artists do Big numbers in a few months on Spotify (Gold and Platinum Record)?

Spotimatch Dec 29, 2019

Two years ago it seemed impossible to do promotion.I didn’t sleep at night to figure out how to get big numbers on Spotify or You Tube.I started to think that the numbers were all rigged or even that it was almost impossible.I’m sure you thought so too :)

I remember spending a lot of money on Social Networks, Press Promotion, PR and much more… in the end? I could hardly achieve decent results.

On the other hand, how do you stand out among 40,000 singles a day that come out on all portals?

Now I’ll ask you a question:Have you ever spent on Facebook ads in order to make views on Youtube ? Or on instagram ADS in order to get Spotify’s plays ?
90% of you will use this very expensive and almost useless technique.
Let’s do a quick account: You Spend 50 euros in instagram ads that generates 50 unique clicks.Now these 50 people go to listen to your song, but some do not have Spotify on the phone and then fail (or for any other reason).On 50 Click, 20 people listen to your music.So you’ve earned 20 listeners of which 10 have become your fans (50% of the total)
Basically you have to spend thousands and thousands of euros to have a decent fan base that you have to convert from one Social to another!

What if there was a way to convert all clicks and find your perfect fan base at no cost?

Since I’ve been working closely with Nicolò, my half of Clockbeats SRL and all the tools related to it, including, our vision has totally changed.

In the 3 months since we’ve been online with we double or triple our users.

We take a small step back to explain how we can increase the popularity and fan base of Spotify in a very short time (at very low cost).

By now you have understood, to increase the plays on Spotify, your song must be included in many Playlists!

But what kind of Playlists are there (I simplify them to understand better)?

  1. UCG (user content generated)which are Independent playlists (Public, Private and Collaborative)
  2. Editorial playlists

3. Algorithmic playlists

Remember the question before?

“What if there was a way to convert all the clicks and find your perfect fan base at no cost?”

Yes, Spotify has already created it, it’s called DISCOVER WEEKLY, RELEASE RADAR and much more.

If you think about it they are part of the algorithmic playlists, i.e. the playlists that are automatically created by Spotify in order to submit your song ONLY to the audience who likes your genre.

Therefore SPOTIFY sponsors your music for FREE!!!

But how do they work?

We have understood how:

  1. You must have many playlists in which your piece has been added
  2. You must do at least 10,000/20,000 streams (real non fake!)
  3. You must have a number of Savings of at least 2% of the total streams.

You may be wondering but how do I do these 3 points?

You can make them by yourself through

If you don’t have time we have a VIP plan, we will do the job for you!