How to Verify your playlist on, and why you should do it!

Curator Feb 11, 2020
Why should you Verify your playlist on
Your playlist will appear among the first searches of the genre that your playlist belongs
You can check all submissions from the CURATORS section

How to verify a playlist on

  1. Click Submit here from the artist section or the Curators section

2. Copy the link of your playlist from the Spotify application and paste it

3. Go to the Curators section, if you are not already there, and click on the verified playlist

4. Go to the Info "settings" section of the playlist and write the genres one by one.

How to check for new submissions:

  1. Go to the curator section
  1. Click on the playlist you want to check
  2. Go to the "Submissions" section and find all the music they have sent you so far
  3. Add or delete songs depending on the time or match rate.

Why should I put a song on my playlist? what do i get?

  1. Contact the artist and request a social share in exchange so you can increase the reach of your playlists!
  2. Be part of the artist promotion, use your playlist to make new connections in the music industry (it's one of the most important things!)
  3. If the match rate is high, your playlists will be well curated and Spotify will help you!