How to Contact Spotify Playlist Curators on

Spotify Dec 29, 2019

Since I started working on I’ve come across a lot of messages informing me that tracks were not accepted in some playlists or were deleted after a short time.

Don’t worry, I want to help you in the best possible way by revealing the secret to appearing in Spotify’s independent playlists.

1) First of all it’s essential to understand who is on the other side of the screen.

Independent playlists are created by music lovers, artists and record labels.

It is not enough to propose a track with similar characteristics to those contained in the playlist.

After managing many playlists, the key point is the quality of the product.

Submit tracks with a very high level of mixing and mastering, also trying to control how the internal mastering algorithms of Spotify.

You can check here:

2) Don’t give up.

Not always a playlist curator will instantly accept your tracks, for several reasons.

The secret of success is the passion and constancy.

Don’t be too detached, try to interact with the curator in order to create a human interaction, which often fails when the exchange takes place only digitally.

A big mistake that many artists make is to think that they are at the center of the attention of the curator of the playlist. 😤

Well, this will probably happen in very rare cases.

Edit your profiles on all your social media by attracting the attention of the potential curator.

Be honest, show yourself for who you are through images, short videos and thoughts about the musical environment around you or of which you are part. Always be attentive and dynamic.

3) Check carefully the genre of your songs. Do not send tracks that are only 50% compatible on!

4) Try to get in touch with the curator of the playlist also through social media, describe your work as well as yourself.

Never forget that behind the screen there are always people who are interested not only in the product but also in the person.

Here an example of a cold email I received

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