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Improve Your chances Of Getting Featured in Playlists: Tips For Emerging Artists

Mar 8, 2024

In the digital age, playlists have become one of the primary tools for emerging artists to gain visibility and reach a wide audience. Being featured in highly listened-to playlists can lead to a significant increase in streams and fanbase.

However, the competition is fierce, and artists need to adopt effective strategies to enhance their submission chances.

In this article, we will explore some methods to improve your chances of getting featured in playlists.

Understanding the audience and playlists

First and foremost, it's crucial to understand your target audience and identify playlists that might be interested in your music genre.

Conduct thorough research on existing playlists across various streaming platforms and pinpoint those that could align with your musical style. Focus on playlists curated by editors, music influencers, or specific thematic playlists that may resonate with your music.

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Creating a professional presentation

A crucial aspect to increase your submission chances is to present your music professionally.

Ensure you have high-quality audio production, eye-catching graphics, and a well-written artist biography. These elements can make your submission stand out to playlist curators and enhance your chances of being selected.

Pay attention to the language you use and how you present yourself to the curators!

Ensure to write engaging, compelling messages that convey who you are, but remember: Always be kind to those who assist you in your artistic growth and include your song in one of their playlists!

Building relationships with influencers

It's important to establish connections with music influencers, playlist curators, and industry bloggers. Follow their profiles on social media, engage with their content, and share their work. Send them a personalized email, briefly and engagingly introducing your music, highlighting why it might be suitable for their playlists. Be genuine and respectful in your approach and maintain consistent communication over time.

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Use submission platforms

There are several platforms on the web that will allow you to promote your music through playlists, such as

Inside, you can log in directly with your Spotify account and search for the song you want to promote. Thanks to its powerful algorithm, Matchfy will analyze the track, uncovering its genre and mood, in order to guide you towards the most suitable playlists for you and your audience!

Additionally, you will find completely exclusive data and analytics that Spotify For Artists cannot provide!

For example, you will know the performance of your music, assess if your numbers are genuine or not, and receive suggestions on how to improve your promotion.

Promote your music and engage your fans

Last but not least, an active promotion strategy on social media is essential to make your music known and increase your following.

Having numbers on platforms is not enough; you have to put in the effort and show that you exist!

Use social media strategically to engage your fans, share your successes, create interesting content, and organize events or concerts. A strong following and active engagement can capture the attention of playlist curators and increase your chances of getting featured.

Final Thoughts

Being featured in popular playlists can make a difference in the career of an emerging artist.

By employing targeted strategies such as thorough playlist research, professional presentation, building relationships with influencers, utilizing submission platforms like, and implementing a robust social media promotion strategy, artists can increase their chances of being selected.

Remember that the path to success takes time, commitment, and perseverance. Keep improving your music, maintain a professional approach, and never give up!

Bye. 💜