Instagram and Music: Why and How Musicians should use Instagram to promote their music.

Instagram Dec 29, 2019

The relationship between the artist and his image is indissoluble. Today it is essential, for those who want to promote themselves, especially in the artistic field, the use of social media. The possibility of using the web to spread one’s work is a method that not only allows one to advertise oneself in the traditional way but also allows one to tell a real story, a continuous narration dedicated to what artistically and above all personally characterizes the artist.

Music often travels on its own track, a sort of dreamlike dimension almost untouchable. And it is here that the role of the social comes into play, that adding a human component brings back to the real world something that is commonly considered the opposite. The human detail, and today we know well that it is no longer just a handshake, allows the viewer to grasp the aspects and history that led someone to succeed in their job. The immediacy, simplicity and speed of Instagram allow us to better target our product, creating a real community that, if taken care of, will bear its fruits in the future. As already mentioned above, the strength of Instagram is not jumping in its immediacy but in the type of immediacy to which it exposes its users. We live in the age of visual content and it is absolutely essential, today more than ever, to translate the art of sound into images: into a story.

Our world is characterized by very thin connections that no one sees but that impact incredibly on our lives. Think of the content of a post or a story in which a gesture can trigger a movement in the subconscious of the most powerful human. And it is here that the intelligent user acts. How to capture the attention of our potential customers? Now you are no longer the same, from the moment you decided to use Instagram to promote your art you will no longer have to think as normal musicians but as entrepreneurs.

It is not a question of monetizing posts with Instagram but of bringing your community to grow and make you indispensable for all the people in which the desire to follow you has been established.

Not only the quality of the product but also the way in which it is proposed

In any case, it is important to understand that it is not only necessary to propose a quality product, but it is also essential to propose that product as a necessity that your public needs. From the moment you decide to make art, you must firmly believe in its indispensability! From that moment on you decided to share part of yourself with others, sharing gestures, feelings and emotions. As I said it is not only your music but how your music was created. It’s important to continuously involve your followers not only in the successes but also in the process that led you to achieve them.

Not to be underestimated is honesty, patience and constancy. Show yourself for who you are and become what you want to be. Keep on taking care of your emotions in every detail every day, share them and build your World.