The Matchfy Team and Donato Romano, Matchfy Main Investor (Second on the left)

Matchfy has raised €2 million in funding

Apr 17, 2024

The music promotion platform Matchfy, which discovers and launches music talents, has recently been mentioned in the leading provincial newspaper, Giornale di Brescia, in one of the most important music magazines, Rockol, But Also on Billboard and on IMusicFun. Here's what they say about us:

Democratization of Music Promotion

In an increasingly competitive music market, Matchfy aims to democratize promotion for independent artists. Founded by Paolo Mantini, a musician with a solid background, the platform serves as a cornerstone for emerging artists, providing them with a unique opportunity to shine in the music scene.

The Importance of Interaction

With the rise in the number of artists and songs uploaded daily on platforms like Spotify, standing out has become increasingly challenging. Matchfy provides artists with an effective way to promote their music through a variety of channels, including Spotify, TikTok, and YouTube. This multi-channel strategy has proven successful, allowing artists to reach a broader audience and emerge in the music scene.

"Just stepping down the first two steps at the entrance of the headquarters immerses you into an ultra-modern reality, full of enthusiasm and great opportunities, so much so that Spotify has granted the startup unlimited access to its vast archive." - Giornale di Brescia

A Unique Opportunity for Emerging Artists

With approximately 200,000 new songs uploaded to Spotify every day, it's crucial for artists to find the right support in promoting their music. Matchfy provides artists with a unique platform to connect with other musicians and industry professionals, expanding their opportunities for success.

Financial Support and Rapid Growth

Recently, Matchfy closed a €2 million funding round, led by the family office of Donato Romano. This financial backing has significantly boosted the startup, which has shown remarkable speed in achieving all targets outlined in the business plan, with a positive EBITDA.

Matchfy continues to solidify its position in the music promotion market, offering emerging artists a unique opportunity to stand out in an increasingly competitive music landscape.