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Music promotion seen by an artist-curator: introducing Augusto Pondrelli, Matchfy curator of the month

Mar 15, 2024

In the dynamic realm of music curation, there are individuals whose passion and dedication set them apart, transforming playlists into captivating journeys. Today, we shine a spotlight on a playlist curator whose exceptional skills and commitment have earned them a well-deserved prize, making them an inspiration for artists, curators, and also our entire team.

Thanks to Augusto Pondrelli and many other curators who perform this role on Matchfy, our platform is enhancing the quality, trust, and security of music promotion on Spotify, as well as now on TikTok and magazines.

Who's Augusto?

Augusto is an Italian artist and producer. He's into all kinds of music genres, but he mainly produces chill out, electronic, and electro pop tunes. Augusto began his journey on Matchfy by promoting his music through thousands of playlists on our platform, with the assistance of our real curator users. Recently, he delved into the world of playlist curation and is now our top curator, earning the title of the curator of the month.

"Matchfy acts as a mediator between artists and curators, exchanging artistic and musical information. The platform is well-designed, allowing you to earn credits that you can spend in promos." - Augusto Pondrelli

Thanks to his commitment and dedication on Matchfy, we decided to reach out to him and share his experience and opinion with our community and users. As a token of appreciation, we granted him a one-year Curator promotion, which will feature his name among our top curators—a value of over $500—along with the Agency Plan for an entire year, valued at $1000!!

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Curation Activity

When it comes to playlist curation, Augusto has very strict rules, almost like a policy. In fact, Augusto shared with us that his playlists are not filled with numerous songs, but rather contain only a select few. His playlists typically consist of around 30 songs, as he prefers to keep a relatively tight selection. He avoids overcrowding playlists, as too many tracks can compromise the platform's performance. He mentioned that he rejects many requests that don't align with the playlist vibe. His goal is to enhance the quality and relevance of the playlists, thereby improving the promotional results for other artists.

"I want my playlists to be well-organized. If a person listens to the same playlists full of songs that never change, it penalizes artists, curators, and the platform itself." - Augusto Pondrelli

This is precisely why we reward the best curators: Curators undertake the most challenging tasks in the Matchfy community, constantly listening to new songs, adding specific tracks to playlists, and ultimately determining the success of a promotion. We aim to encourage our curators to continue their outstanding work.

"My curation experience has allowed me to discover numerous new songs and talents on Spotify." - Augusto Pondrelli

In his playlists, Augusto includes Neomelodic techno house, deep house, featuring both emerging and established artists alongside his own tracks. One of Augusto's playlists, "New Talent", is experiencing significant growth both in terms of followers and engagement. It has steadily gained followers from scratch, currently boasting 53 followers. Augusto is open to submissions from everyone to be featured in his playlists. Contact him now!

Augusto's Matchfy Profile

The Augusto's Secret algorithm sauce

Augusto strives to maintain harmony within the playlist, ensuring that the songs align with the description provided. It's essential for him to adhere closely to what's outlined in the playlist's description. The curator updates playlists based on intuition and musical ear. If he feels the songs are still relevant and current, he keeps them; otherwise, if the songs have an outdated sound with little promise of growth, he's unlikely to retain them. There are no set timelines or fixed rules in the selection process.

"I decline many of the submission I receive. This because it wouldn't make sense to include an emerging Italian artist in a playlist for new electronic music." - Augusto Pondrelli

Regarding increasing followers, the aim is to appear in recommended tracks, as this provides insight into the playlist's direction. Including Spotify-recommended artists in one's playlists aids the algorithm and enhances visibility.

Benefits of being an artist-curator on Matchfy

Furthermore, Augusto is an artist, so if his hard work as a curator is successful, his songs are also more likely to perform well. That's why we decided to reward him with the Agency Plan in addition to being featured as a curator on our platform. We believe in his abilities both as an artist and a curator, and this is our way of saying 'Thank You'.

"I am also an artist, so I include my own tracks on my Spotify playlists as well. It's a double-edged tool." - Augusto Pondrelli

Final Thoughts

Our goal has always been to help thousands of artists worldwide achieve their greatest dreams, and we are committed to doing so in the most genuine way possible: through people and their passion for music. Every day, hundreds of curators like Augusto, magazines, and TikTokers receive constant requests from artists wishing to promote their songs within Spotify playlists, magazines, and TikTok, fostering a true community that supports each other.

How can I be the next winner?

Want to be our next winner and see what prizes are coming soon for you? It's not impossible, and everybody can do it! All you have to do is keep accepting the right submissions and demonstrate commitment inside the platform. Here at Matchfy, we acknowledge your hard work, and maybe the next curator prize is for you!