Features Dec 29, 2019

1. Three Different Playlists for Three new Plans.

We have finally implemented all kinds of Spotify playlists (UCG).
On you will be able to find verified playlists,  private playlists and collaborative playlists.

1. Verified playlists are made by curators who have decided to add their own playlists on voluntarily.
This means that they are curators that will most likely respond to your submission.

2. Unverified playlists, on the other hand, are playlists that have not yet landed actively on and therefore it is highly recommended to contact them through the social networks that we give you after clicking "submit".

3. Collaborative playlists are playlists where you can add the song directly from your Spotify account, avoiding the curator approval.
To do this, click on the link of the playlists, copy and paste on the Spotify app and add your song inside.

2. Track Popularity, Followers and Listeners of your Spotify Artist (up to 10 for the Agency Plan)

In the activity section you can finally view your popularity percentage, the number of followers, the genre with which Spotify has cataloged and the time series of those (also monthly listeners).

You can also keep track up to 10 artists. (AVAILABLE ONLY FOR THE AGENCY PLAN)


Our vip calculator is an innovative invention to understand how much budget you need to increase the popularity of the song provided and finally access the algorithmic playlists.

The main goals of the VIP Service are the following:

- Increase the Artist Popularity on Spotify

- Activate the Spotify algorithmic playlists for a given track

In order to do that usually we use a large database of Playlists based on your genre.


• We do not guarantee any amount of plays throughout our campaign, as the number of plays cannot be tracked by us and this is a full ORGANIC promotion.

• Usually the average plays provided to the previous campaigns are 15.000/20.000 in the first month. Some of the tracks promoted by using this service reach Milion of plays, however the final outcome of the campaign is proportional to the quality of the track and the satisfaction level of the new listeners.

• The Promo will run for 30 days and you will be able to see the results from your activity section.If you not feel sure to start this promotion you can request a more in-depth analysis from our team of specialists from the support section, the analysis is not free of charge.

4. Add or Delete submissions from the Curator page.

From the CURATOR control panel, on the other hand, you can add or remove the submissions.

From this panel you can also verify your playlist, being able to set it at the top every time an artist searches new matches.

IMPORTANT: After verifying the playlist, it is essential to add one or more genres.

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