RYLTY is the Curator of the Month on Matchfy.io

Oct 18, 2023

We are pleased to announce with great enthusiasm that RYLTY has been selected as the Curator of the Month on Matchfy.io!

The appointment as "Curator of the Month" is a recognition we award every month to the top curator who actively engages with the Matchfy.io platform, making it an even better place for artists and curators from around the world.

Who is RYLTY?

RYLTY came into existence in 2022 when its founder, David Contu, initiated an endeavor to provide fair and transparent distribution solutions to musicians and record labels.

RYLTY represents much more than just a music distributor; it is a team of music enthusiasts. Their team consists of musicians, producers, and technology experts, all with a profound understanding of the needs of artists and record labels in today's digital landscape.

Their primary commitment is to ensure clear and transparent communication with their users, offering detailed sales reports and analyses, enabling artists and record labels to make informed decisions for the management of their music careers.

RYLTY Experience with Matchfy.io

Currently, RYLTY has five new playlists within Matchfy, on which they are consistently working to enhance and maintain their quality.

Within Matchfy, our goal is to promote both our playlists and the artists from our distributor who request inclusion in third-party playlists. - RYLTY

In RYLTY's curated playlists, both hit tracks and those suggested by the artists themselves are included. The selection of songs to be featured is based on criteria that consider the musical genre and the quality of the compositions.

Matchfy & RYLTY

As recognition for their work within our platform, RYLTY has earned an award with a total value of over 3,000€, which includes being featured in the highlighted curators on Matchfy.io and an Agency promotion plan!

Furthermore, RYLTY is now starting its journey with Matchfy, receiving a dedicated affiliate link to share with all their users interested in promotion!

RYLTY is open to every submission opportunity from any artist! The chance to directly get in touch with them to propose their music for inclusion in one of their playlists is open to everyone, offering the opportunity to gain global recognition!

We find Matchfy's market proposition exceptional and believe its unique approach has no competition working in the same way at this moment. - RYLTY

How to submit my track

As a first step, visit RYLTY's Curator profile, which you can find at this link: RYLTY on Matchfy.io.

Next, select the playlist that suits you best, search for your track, and choose your genre.

Once you've done that, Matchfy will show you how well your track fits the playlist, and you can submit your track by clicking on 'Push To Playlist!'

Expand your opportunities to connect with artists and VIPs from all corners of the globe!

The "Curator of the Month" program is open to everyone, including you!

All you need to do is stay active on the platform and continue accepting submissions from other artists.

Additionally, keep in mind that each time you accept a track, you will be awarded 1€ in credit. In the event that you feel that some of the submissions are not suitable for your playlists, you have the freedom to reject them and provide feedback to the artist. Even in this case, you will still receive a credit as a reward!