SPOTIDOCTOR - Get your Spotify Prescription and Improve your Numbers

spotidoctor Apr 20, 2020
We're very proud to announce a new service on : SPOTIDOCTOR.COM

Identifying your target audience without any tools is incredibly complex.

Spotidoctor, thanks to a dedicated algorithm, allows you to analyze your Artists and direct you to the right type of promotion.

Figure out your Spotify numbers

For a musician it is not only important to create a quality product but it is also the way and context in which it is proposed.

If you want to reach an high artistic level you have to step up your game and learn more about your analytics.

Get an in-depth analysis from our experts

You can use spotidoctor to:

  • Find out if your numbers (or those of others) are real or fake
  • Find out how to promote / improve your artist profile


Power Analytics tool for Spotify

Request a more in-deph analysis from our team of specialists.