This Curator has been awarded by Matchfy - Giacomo Armonico is Curator of the Month

Jun 29, 2024

Since the month is about to end, Matchfy decided to reward a new curator: in fact Giacomo Armonico is the New Curator of the Month, he distinguished himself for his approach to his playlists his dedication.

Our Team had the chance to ask him some questions about his relationship with music, playlists organization and with our platform.

Get to Know Giacomo Armonico

Giacomo Armonico is a very active figure in the music world:

he organizes concerts and works for booking agencies, collaborating with an agency that promotes interesting emerging artists such as La Rappresentante di Lista, Motta, and Zen Circus.

His mission is to share the music he loves with as many people as possible, transforming the traditional word-of-mouth among friends into modern digital playlists.

His Relationship with Playlists

Giacomo Armonico menages many different playlists of various kind, he published almost 50 of them. Each playlist is based on suitable for every situation, mood and state of mind.

Among these, "Quello che vi consiglio" stands out, which is a collection of his personal music recommendations.

Every Friday, Giacomo explores new releases in "New Music Friday" to find brand new tracks to include in his playlists. Giacomo adopts a "macroplaylist" system where he collects tracks he finds interesting.

In moments of calm, he dedicates hours to listening and selecting songs to include in his final playlists.

His collections are not limited to specific moods but also include playlists dedicated to individual artists, where he inserts tracks related by genre, collaborations, and similar moods, also using Spotify's algorithm suggestions to ensure a harmonious experience for listeners.

Matchfy and Giacomo Armonico

Even if he just joined our community, Giacomo has already appreciated the platform. He sees all the requests he receives and listens attentively to the proposed music. He is enthusiastic about further exploring Matchfy to fully leverage its potential, especially for promoting emerging artists he follows through his agency and the new booking section they are opening.

Giacomo rates his experience on Matchfy very positively. Even without a strong presence on social media, he has noticed an increase in followers on his playlists, indicating that the platform is effectively working towards his goals.

As he showed his great abilities and hard work as a curator, he decided to be pinned as a curator on our platform, thanks to our Featured Curator feature, worth 550€, so he can invest on that and increase his engagement with our community.


Giacomo Armonico's dedication to music and his ability to curate playlists that resonate with listeners make him a great curator on Matchfy, which represents all the features we’re looking for.

If you're eager to learn more about Matchfy and want to become a playlist curator yourself, we will provide you with a generous reward. You can choose between €200 in cash or free services for an entire year, valued at over €100.