VIP Promotion turns into a full-fledged promotion | Discover new VIP Promotion section

Apr 2, 2024

Have you ever wished to find everything you need in one place, at the same time, without having to make separate purchases or searches, which often end up being confusing and scattered?

Well, starting today, our VIP Promotion undergoes a change that will allow you to access all promotion methods, directly on the same page and at the same time! Let's see how!

What's New?

All-in-one Promotion Method

Now on the same page, you'll have access to a simple and user-friendly interface similar to ADS Managing portals. Here, you can decide whether to promote your track within Spotify's top playlists or launch an ad campaign for your TikTok and YouTube videos.

Manager Help

If you feel you need it, you can request additional consultancy from one of our marketing experts and music business managers to help you and guide you step by step through your campaign.

Algorithmic Promo

Also, ONLY FOR VIP PLAN SUBSCRIBERS, you can choose a special promotion that offers you access to innovative techniques that activate the algorithmic playlists of the track you want to promote (Radio, Discover Weekly, Release Radar).

Also, this promotion method, may stimulate the algorithm to the point of being included in one or more editorial playlists!

The track you promote, will be added to the VIP Plays section, where users can help each others by streaming their songs and get credits!

VIP Plan promotion interface

How does the VIP Plan work?

Choose the platform on which you want to promote your new song

The available options are YouTube Ads, Spotify Promo, and TikTok Ads. This choice depends on your specific marketing goals and the audience you wish to reach.

Define the target audience for your campaign

This includes selecting criteria such as age, geographical location, interests, and more, so your promotion can reach the best audience

Set a budget

This will allow you to control how much you spend on promotion and ensure that the investment is in line with your outcome expectations

Here's a video that shows you how to do it!

How to use VIP Promotion

Note that once payment is completed, the promotional campaign will be launched within 24 business hours!

VIP Promotion is the perfect personalized solution for artists and music creators aiming to expand the visibility of their new songs on the most influential digital platforms, such as YouTube, TikTok, and Spotify, all in one place! For those campaigns, you can decide whether to have a manager consultation or not. Additionally, you can add a special promotion technique that allows you to engage with the Spotify algorithm, enabling you to be featured in algorithm playlists and even editorial playlists!

Let us take care of it, with the VIP plan, your music soars without you lifting a finger! Try VIP Promotion Plan now by pressing the button below!